Perfect Pairings

You know when two things just go together and there’s no real explanation? It just works. From fashion to food (but mostly fashion and food) let’s discover life’s most perfect pairings.

Champagne and strawberries…quite the famous pairing (sort of like the Kim Kardashian of perfect pairings — we get it, but there has to be more). So what other things are just meant to be?

Dress + sneakers (because heels are just too obvious)

Diane Kruger + Cannes (or Diane and any film festival for that matter)

Dao-Yi Chow + Maxwell Osborne (because PUBLIC SCHOOL)

Anna Wintour + Vogue (do we even know anything else??)

Bloggers + street art (guilty as charged)

Fast food + fashion (Dear McDonalds…you’re welcome)

Mary Katrantzou + Adidas (perhaps my favorite designer collab to date)

Jack + Lazaro (duh)

Food + fashion (we have to eat everyday and we have to get dressed everyday, so why not have fun with it?)

Kate + bubbly (let’s be honest, she goes with everything)

Oh and speaking of champagne. Care to discuss more? I do! (and let’s add doughnuts + champagne while we’re at it…)

If you love to eat food, enjoy drinking champagne and want to do both at the same time…get yourself to pretty much every amazing Chicago restaurant (see the full list here) and order the Bubbles & Bites pairing — a special menu item, perfectly paired with a glass of Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Moët & Chandon, Krug or Ruinart. Now I wouldn’t just tell you this without a little incentive. As of today, I’ve done four Bubbles + Bites so far (details on Instagram) and there’s definitely more to come BUT if you find yourself bubbling and biting, and you’re dying to go to Chicago Gourmet…THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Share a photo of your Bubbles & Bites experience on Instagram, tag @bubbles_and_bites @chicityfashion #bubblesandbites and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to Chicago Gourmet at the end of this month. I’ll be choosing a winner on September 24 so get your eating pants on, friends…it’s going to be a delicious ride!

What are your favorite pairings? In fashion? Food? Both? Other? Have you tried any of the Bubbles & Bites pairings yet? SPILL [but not on your new suede shoes].

Images via Pinterest, Fashion Gone Rogue + Instagram. In partnership with Bubbles & Bites.

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