Printed Tights: The Ultimate Winter Accessory

Although I hate my legs, I always dread wearing tights in the winter because they seem to drag down an outfit. But of course since it’s freezing, I suck it up and do it anyway. Thankfully the hosiery companies (and even those who don’t specialize in legwear) have taken it upon themselves to make tights COOL and turn them into the ultimate winter accessory.

Just like a statement necklace can really jazz up a simple black dress, printed tights can do just the same (but it  doesn’t hurt to do both, right?) With that said, I’ve scoured the internet to find my favorite tights available this season. So there’s no excuse to go bare legged when it’s 10 degrees (which happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves by the way…)


1) House Of Holland Alphabet Tights
2) Urban Outfitters Lurex Chevron Tights
3) Wolford Tiger Printed Tights
4) Topshop Pastel Tie Dye Tights
5) House Of Holland Star Tights
6) YSL Heart-Print Sheer Tights

How will you be rocking your tights this season? Have any favorites from my picks?

2 comments on “Printed Tights: The Ultimate Winter Accessory

  1. I always forget this!! I love the look with super short dresses & skirts, but what’s your thoughts on longer hemlines?? I’ve got 2 gorgeous Lara Miller long/ermdresses that I’d love to try some patterned tights with.

    • Longer hemlines can be tricky with tights. I’d pair them with more sheer tights (vs opaque) so the look isn’t so heavy. The star tights are a great option…as long as there’s not too much going on with the dress.

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