Red Carpet Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes (Part 3)

This is the last Golden Globes red carpet fashion post (so I promise I’ll leave you alone…until the next awards show of course). Be sure to check out part 1 and part 2 if you haven’t already.

Let’s wrap things up now…

Photobucket Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein Collection

Although this dress had a gorgeous exposed back, it still needed this necklace to make it work and I’m glad SOMEONE decided to do a statement accessory. I have no problems with this…she looks fantastic!

Photobucket Freida Pinto in Prada

I am just in love with this color. Freida is beyond stunning and both the color and silhouette are amazing on her. Having an interesting texture can really make it or break it on the red carpet and whatever material this is, I want to see more of it. It’s the perfect balance of simple but not boring. She was one of my best dressed picks for the night!

Photobucket Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci Premiere

I love the idea of this (because I think it was done better by Prabal for Fall ’11) but there’s just one thing too much going on here. Exactly why these textures and color look better as a strapless.

Photobucket Emma Stone in Lanvin

The darker side of Emma Stone–I dig it. I didn’t love the belt at first but it’s definitely growing on me. She just really can do no wrong in my book.

Photobucket Elle Macpherson in Zac Posen

I love this from from the waist up–I could do without the large tulle bottom. I just can’t get over her hair though. If my hair was long enough (or I had extensions) it’s exactly how I’d want to wear it everyday. It’s amazing!

Photobucket Dianna Agron in Giles

The dress is a cool idea, I just don’t think it’s on the right girl. You need someone with a little bit of edge for this to work. And Dianna couldn’t be more opposite of that.

Photobucket Diane Lane in Reem Acra

Just another sparkly red carpet dress…

Photobucket Claire Danes in J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2012

She’s definitely never boring on the red carpet; that’s for sure. This was one of my favorite dresses of the night. How can you not love that back? But I always hate her makeup. It’s never right and if it was, her looks would be that much better on the red carpet.

Photobucket Charlize Theron in Dior Couture

Charlize always has that look on her face where she’s just knows she looks good…and that’s what you need to OWN it on the red carpet. I don’t love those huge ruffles over the slit but from the waist up it’s flawless. One of the few red carpet looks where I actually love the headband too.

Photobucket Ariel Winter in Dolce & Gabbana

Great color. Not loving the length with that volume on her.

Photobucket Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Shine AND matchy accessories? This couldn’t have been more of a disappointment. I was happy there was color, yes. But I still hate the dress. Even worse that she looks like an ice queen in this photo.

Photobucket Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs

Bo Peep wants her dress back.

Photobucket Katherine McPhee in Donna Karan

Did you WANT to be invisible on the red carpet, Kathy? If you did then bravo. If not, maybe try choosing a dress and shoes that’s NOT the exact color of your skin. Lipstick wouldn’t hurt either. But I am excited for Smash.

So I’ll leave you with my final best dressed comments…

Overall gorgeous–Jessica Alba in Gucci
Best fit–Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang
Greatest statement–Lea Michele in Marchesa
Best use of color–Kelly Macdonald in Lorena Sarbu
Best blush tone–Kate Beckinsale in Roberto Cavalli
Favorite overall look–Freida Pinto in Prada
Favorite dress–Claire Danes in J. Mendel


Photos via Entertainment Weekly

4 comments on “Red Carpet Fashion: 2012 Golden Globes (Part 3)

  1. Definitely love Claire Danes dress. You’re right, it was probably the best dress of the night but her make-up is always off somehow.

    As for Angeline Jolie’s dress, I also agree that it was probably the biggest disappointment out of all the dresses I saw – simply because I’m always so excited to see what she usually pulls out on the carpet. I think one of the great things about Angelina is her ability to pull of slinky silhouettes and a variety of color schemes, but I think she just found a look that absolutely DOES NOT work for her.

    I found a majority of dresses a disappointment – they were either the wrong fit, color, or the overall looks didn’t quite go together. Anyway, I’d have to disagree with Frieda Pinto having the best overall look- even though she did look stunning, I though the dress in that shade/ shape was a bit much.

  2. I think neither of the dresses was true red-carpet material, but I have to say I love Angelina’s look. Claire Danes was one of my favorites too. And I found Zooey Deschanel so charming, especially with her tuxedo nails.

  3. I love all your descriptions, I agree with all of them – FINALLY someone who didn’t like angelina either! I dont think she can be more full of herself and I hated her dress. (she did look great last year though!)

    love your blog 🙂

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