September Vibes

When it comes to my monthly mood boards (AKA VIBES) I like to give you a variety of everything I’m feeling this month…BUT with it being September, the fashion category is basically consuming me right now. So with that said, here’s a look at the designers / styles / accessories (plus a few beauty obsessions) you might want to know about.

september mood board

Let’s kick it off with some beauty though…

When it comes to makeup, there’s only so much we can do right? As far as doing anything creative, we pretty much only have the eyes and the lips (unless you get really crafty with some contouring…I don’t know) but Proenza Schouler threw a curve ball at us for Spring ’17 with EAR MAKEUP. Is this practical in any sense? Absolutely not…but I wouldn’t mind rocking some white or yellow ear paint myself (as long as it’s paired with Proenza!)

Also killing it in the makeup category is Pat McGrath. The legendary makeup artist has launched very limited edition pieces in the past (Gold 001, Phantom 002 and Skin Fetish 003)…the latest to sell out / crash her site with in minutes? Lust 004. These lip kits [almost] put Kylie to shame (you know I love my Kylies though). I can’t even remember the first time I saw Pat’s bold glittery red lips on the runway (Atelier Versace perhaps?) but I’ve been hooked on the idea ever since. I’m not a huge fan of the color red (unless it’s in a lip) let alone anything shiny and red…yet I want my lips to look like Dorthy’s shoes like yesterday. Thankfully I did grab the 004 Lip Kit in Bloodwine (plus a single of the Flesh 2) and I’m already freaking out over it. I wore the red (Blood 1) all day yesterday and I never had to reapply. Next up? GLITTER!

sisley mascara

Although fashion week can be a pain in the ass, it does have its perks…like lots of beauty swag. I went to a little event at the Sisley Paris boutique in NYC over the weekend and discovered how much I love their makeup. I had never used it before and it is AMAZING — does what it’s supposed to without all the things you hate about makeup (drying, flaking, heavy feeling, etc). Although I tried a bunch of products and I really loved them all, I’d have to say my favorite is the curling mascara…especially because I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for way too long. I was always about the Benefit They’re Real mascara but Sisley’s curling variety is everything you’d ever want in a mascara — volume, length, curl and no clumps or flakes. SCORE!

Last in the beauty category, we’re shifting from makeup to skincare. I absolutely love trying new beauty brands and after discovering Drunk Elephant at Sephora (and their super fun packaging), I asked one of the girls there if I were to try one thing from the line, what should it be? She recommended the C‑Firma Day Serum and I’m glad she did! I love that it feels like a balance between a lightweight oil and a serum. Oils (even the best ones) make me break out and this doesn’t at all (yay!) It smells amazing (and not in an artificial way…I hate that). Plus, it’s the ideal amount of moisture that brightens and firms. I’m sold on the line off this one product so…hopefully this won’t be the last time you see Drunk Elephant on CCF 🙂

Now moving onto what you’re all really here for…the fashion!

Now that New York Fashion Week has come to a close, we’re already half way to London…but there’s still a lot to take in from NYFW. Like how awesome Ryan Roche is and how I would literally wear every single thing from her Spring ’17 collection. All white and nude (paired with a red lip) and all super wearable, effortless and chic AF. THIS is when I could really use a see now buy now situation.

Not much to say about this except that I want to get married in look 14 from Jonathan Simkhai‘s Spring ’17 show. THAT. IS. ALL.

off white

Not NYFW related but I for some reason am just wanting to buy everything Off-White right now (and I don’t mean the color). If my budget called for it, I’d have about 7-10 Off-White jackets in my closet (including this one) but hopefully there’s one in my foreseeable future. If you’re on the same page, you can shop some of my favorites at the end of this post. But in the mean time, let’s take a moment to PRAISE VIRGIL ABLOH.

Now that I officially have two badass oversized denim jackets in my wardrobe (G by Giuliana, which I just went up a size so I could wear it a little boxier, and this one from Fashionista Merch), I’m going to have to decorate one of them with some badass Pintrill pins, right? (Like what’s the point of a denim jacket otherwise?) My friend Eva gave me a middle finger pin I’ve been wearing on my denim vest but now that vest weather is coming to a close shortly, that will be moving over to one of the jackets…and hopefully joining a group of PB&J, hot dogs and other random pins.

When I first saw a trailer for the Netflix original, The Get Down, I was intrigued right away — 70s fashion, disco AND hip hop? Sign me up! Although the acting is a little dramatic for my taste, I love everything else (mostly the visuals and most definitely the fashion). I haven’t finished the series yet but basically my mood has been “South Bronx circa late 70s” ever since the first episode.

Speaking of 70s, the designer channeling the decade the most right now would have to be Gucci. Surprisingly, though, it’s not the embroidered flares or the bow blouses I’m obsessing over right now…it’s GucciGhost (who just “tagged” the Gucci NYC store and it’s everything). And if you’re wondering who GucciGhost is, he’s the artist responsible for REAL GUCCI as well as the graffitied designs (you can shop below). Wonder if GucciGhost would come to Chicago…my office could use some egg saucer realness.

So that’s all for September, my friends. Happy fashion month. And I hope you found some cool stuff to obsess over this month too 🙂


Images via Vogue, Instagram & Fashionista

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