Fugly Shoe Trends

If you’ve been waiting for the day that ugly shoes become trendy then today’s your lucky day (and not just today…all of Spring 2014 will be your best season yet!)

Shoe trends seem to have gone in what I like to call a “fugly” direction. But it’s not the kind of fugly you’re thinking of…

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Between Birkenstocks, mules, chunky platforms and low square heels, shoes have become fashionably ugly for SS14 (see? that kind of fugly). It may have all started with sneaker wedges and those Balenciaga boots but I’m not one to point fingers. I mean…who needs sexy and strappy when you can have low and chunky? Am I right?

Hopefully guys don’t actually notice our shoes because it looks like designers want to keep them single ladies single forever. Unless you decide to mix it up a bit and opt for a bandage dress paired with these Marni sandals and in that case, you may not land a boyfriend but you’ll definitely make a fashion statement. And that’s the most important thing.

Anyway, I’m not one to be giving dating advice (I’ve been off the market for quite some time) but I at least I can give fashion advice. If you’re going to get on board with this trend, I wouldn’t invest too much into it. For the Birkenstock trend, I actually think it would be cooler to rock the real deal as opposed to the overpriced designer version. Mules aren’t necessarily too trendy so if you’re really into them, it wouldn’t be a total waste to invest in a pair (and if you get sick of the trend, just wear them with long and/or wide leg pants and no one will know the difference). Those jagged bottom chunky platforms are the most fugly of the fugly shoe trends, in my opinion. So if you’re down with this, I’d look for them at places like Topshop and Zara for more affordable options. Lastly, the low square heel. I’m pretty torn about this one. You can find a more classic option that should get you through the next couple of years (unless you suddenly have the desire to be 5 inches taller, then this is not the shoe for you). For example, you can fork over $450 for Ferragamo and when you’re over them, you’ll be back into them once your hair has turned completely gray (although for me, that will be happening in the next few years…thanks mom and dad). Trust me, you’ll be over something like this quicker than you can say CAMO STUDDED SNEAKER WEDGES. Again, Topshop and Zara are your friends.

So if you’re down to get fugly, then go right ahead…

What do you think of these shoe trends? Are they fugly like fashionably ugly or fugly in the “traditional” sense? Will you be wearing any of these trends?

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  1. I might be a bit of fugly shoe person. I love shoes that are strange and bulky such as platforms and wedge shoes. I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

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