CCF Loves: Alexandre Birman Slide Sandals

alexandre birman, slide sandalsAlthough it’s about 10 degrees in Chicago, I can’t help but find myself adding every type of sandal to my various wish lists across the web. So why not make the first CCF Loves post about the one thing I can’t wait to wear? (you know, when people besides myself, my boyfriend and my dog actually see my pedicure).

With Birkenstock-like sandals being all the rage right now (apparently I’m one of the few fashion folks who’s not really on board) I think these are a happy medium. You still get a similar effect with the slide sandal but it’s a little more refined (plus it won’t be “the trend that was…” in a few years from now). And if you’re thinking this looks familiar, you’re right (happened to be featured in a post last week). Have I made it clear I love these damn sandals?

Alexandre Birman cut out python slide sandals (available at Saks)