CCF Loves: Bebaroque Embellished Tights

bebaroque, embellished tightsI rarely wear dresses in the Winter because tights have never been my thing. They rip easily, I can never find the right opacity and they just never look right with what I’m wearing. But every once in a while I have to go to something that requires me to wear a dress and I’m never going to be that girl sporting bare legs with 8 inches of snow on the ground. So what to do in these situations? I’ve learned to just bebaroque.

This past weekend I went to a charity event that required cocktail attire, so a dress was a must. And I was actually looking forward to wearing a dress in Winter because now I have the coolest tights ever. They’re high quality, the perfect opacity and they’re embellished. Maybe you’ll even see me wearing a dress once again before tights weather is over (which isn’t until May-ish in Chicago so we still have a ways to go).

Bebaroque ‘Lexi’ Embellished Tights (available at Ikram & online)