CCF Loves: Gabriela Artigas Earring

gabriela artigas, dainty earrings
While shopping at [what is now] one of my new favorite boutiques in Sydney, I discovered a new designer who will hopefully appear more than once in my jewelry collection.¬†Gabriela Artigas is actually LA-based and if you think the name sounds familiar, you’re probably right (a lot of her stock is carried on Shopbop…and I also Instagrammed this the other day).

I’ve been looking for a cool single earring (not to be mistaken with an ear cuff) for a while, but everything is just so big. Desordre (that awesome store in Sydney) had a bunch of these little pieces that looked like bent nails with precious stones at the end, and they happened to be dainty single earrings…calling my name. They come in rose, yellow and white gold with a variety of stones (diamonds, as well as a sapphire, ruby and garnet option) but my favorite was the yellow gold with blue sapphire. It’s somehow elegant and funky at the same time. So yeah, you now how the story ends.

Gabriela Artigas 14k Yellow Infinite Tusk Earring (available online)