CCF Loves: Kester Black Nail Polish

Kester black, designer nail polish Looking for a new nail polish brand to obsess over? I think I can help in that department.

The other day I checked out popular Sydney boutique, Desordre,¬†and I was pretty excited to discover some nail polish I’ve never heard of. Kester Black is an Aussie beauty brand that creates unique colors that happen to be healthy for your nails and environmentally friendly. According to their website, they’re also CCF (however, that stands for Choose Cruelty Free and not ChiCityFashion). Still, pretty awesome.

Although I got to see a good selection of Kester Black colors in person, I have to say I’m pretty partial to this Bubblegum color (which isn’t your typical bubblegum color in the states but maybe they do the gum thing a little differently down under). Plus, it happens to be my current pedicure color. Which I probably won’t be able to get away with once I return to Chicago (living it up while it lasts…)

Kester Black Nail Polish, in Bubblegum (available online)