Food Pairings: Siena Tavern + Kenzo

Like I mentioned last month, I’m bringing back one of my favorite categories here on CCF — Food Pairings. It gives me the opportunity to talk about my two favorite things in the world — food and fashion — so I say, why not?

On Sunday, I had a lovely brunch at Siena Tavern and it reminded me of something very familiar…

food pairings, siena tavern, kenzo

Siena Tavern + Kenzo are a match made in food and fashion heaven. Let’s find out why.


I’ve been to Siena Tavern once for dinner and it was crazy busy. But that’s to be expected for a new River North restaurant with a famous name (former Top Chef contest and fan favorite Fabio Viviani) behind it. For brunch, it was more relaxed and quiet, still with a decent amount of diners. My boyfriend and I don’t go to brunch often (mostly because we’re too lazy to get dressed on Sundays) so it was a nice way to start the day. Honestly though, I wasn’t paying much attention to anything but the menu because I had one thing on my mind and one thing only — EATING.

siena tavern, chicago brunch


The brunch section took up only a quarter of the menu, but with items like brioche bread pudding biscuits and something called Nutella butter, who needs lunch? Brunch is obviously where it’s at.

I’m big on monkey bread (or all things in the carb family, really) but I’ve only had savory in the past. The option at Siena Tavern has hazelnut cream, caramel and candied hazlenuts. Give me hazelnut anything and I’m sold. So of course this had to happen.

monkey bread

And this was only an appetizer. It tasted like the best cinnamon roll you’ve ever had, and then some. The bf isn’t big on sweets (although that’s changed since we started dating) so he decided on those biscuits and gravy.

biscuits and gravy, food porn

Keep in mind, these were just the appetizers.

breakfast skillet, food porn

When it comes to menu items, I will order just about anything if it includes the word “burrata” in some way, shape or form. During the 10 days I was in Europe this past September, I had burrata 6 times. If it’s offered, I won’t refuse. So when I saw burrata in a breakfast skillet (not something I’ve come across before), I knew that was the dish I was meant to have. There are a few “things” I have with food that are very odd. Meaning there’s certain food items or combinations that everyone loves…except for me. Mashed potatoes, Ranch dressing on everything and cheesy eggs are some good examples (don’t judge). So the fact that I REALLY enjoyed a cheesy egg dish was kind of ground breaking.

chicago brunch, siena tavern

My boyfriend likes to keep it simple when it comes to food so he opted for the egg sandwich, which came with quite the lovely addition. These potatoes…

breakfast potatoes, siena tavern, brunch

I don’t find the concept of parmesan on potatoes revolutionary, yet something about these potatoes were unbelievable. You feel like you’re eating pasta for a split second because of the parm, then you realize you’re consuming these insanely delicious breakfast potatoes…that should probably be a side with every meal (including pasta).


So, now…why Kenzo?

Kenzo is a brand that’s fun and playful, known for relatable clothing items like t-shirts and sweatshirts…but with a twist. Siena Tavern takes brunch items you already know and love (biscuits and gravy, waffles, eggs Benedict, etc.) and elevates them with a unique ingredient or an unconventional sauce/topping.

kenzo runway, kenzo

Just like Kenzo takes a sweatshirt, puts and eye on it and it’s suddenly cool, or puts a fish print on a dress and jacket (and how perfect because Siena Tavern has a fantastic crudo bar) and it’s the “it” outfit for Spring.

Siena Tavern is in the most happening area of Chicago, with great names behind it, so of course it’s going to be “the” place to be. And with Kenzo being one of the most popular brands among fashion enthusiasts right now, the two could not be a more perfect pair.

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