Spring Things

Just because we won’t get to experience warm weather for another few months (if we’re lucky) doesn’t mean we can’t wear Spring fashion right now. Don’t believe me?

spring fashion, spring 2014

It’s getting to that point where I can’t stand to put on another black or grey sweater. Do you feel me on this one? So I thought I’d do some “[browser] window shopping” (my attempt to search/stalk e-commerce sites without buying anything…not easy) to see if I can find any Spring things that are appropriate for the current weather. Hey, it might be nice to wear some florals and pastels right about now. Don’t you think?

There’s something about wearing lighter and brighter colors that just makes me happy. I think it has to do with my iced coffee mentality. I only drink it when it’s warm out, I’m happier when it’s warm out therefore iced coffee makes me happy. Same goes for colors and clothes. It’s simple, really.

So it’s time to blast Pharrell’s Happy, put on your favorite hat (FYI Pharrell’s has its own Twitter) and get yourself some Spring-looking things to lighten up your Winter wardrobe.

Image via Forward by Elyse Walker

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