Life’s a Beach

You would think that because I’m a fashion blogger, I love shopping and I buy new stuff all the time, right? Well it’s partially true (sorry I’m such a cliché) but there’s certain wardrobe necessities that I never think to buy or upgrade. A few items that fall in that category would include socks, pajamas and today’s topic — swimwear…or anything that involves a beach or pool, really.

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Around this time last year, I shared with you some of my favorite stylish swimwear but after a trip this February to the birthplace of some of the best designer swimwear around — Australia — I thought a new post was in order, but this time it’s not just about what to wear in the pool. Because I never buy new swimsuits (I bought my first new one since high school just last summer…I’m now 26 by the way) I wanted to pick up a few while in Sydney and Melbourne. I love what brands like We Are Handsome and Zimmerman do and they’re based in Australia so why not support local while being a tourist? But then I discovered a whole new appreciation for beachwear in general while I was there — cover-ups, beach bags, etc (other “swim necessities” I absolutely never buy). To really paint a picture for you — my idea of going to the beach or pool usually involved some sort of strapless bikini (I just don’t like tan lines around my neck) and a t-shirt and shorts (like the same t-shirts and shorts I wear to bed), plus flip-flops and a canvas tote I probably got for free as some sort of gift bag. So it’s safe to say that I’m not very fashionable when it comes to beachwear (honestly, I just never thought I had to be)…but post-Australia, I’m trying to step up my game in this department. But when I see people’s Hamptons photos and fancy beach parties on Instagram, I’m all like “okay not only do I need new beachwear, but am I supposed to fully accessorize with body chains and jewelry now?” Definitely don’t want to deal with those tan lines…

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Just like most categories in fashion, all designers and brands are taking it to the next level (which of course happens as competition grows). So I guess that means I should too right? I don’t know if you’ll ever see me decked out in jewels at the beach with a Goyard tote and cover-up that costs as much as a designer cocktail dress BUT I’m moving in the right direction. And if you need some beachwear inspiration for summer (and you too consider string bikinis the bandage dress of the swimwear world), here’s [quite] a few things that will instantly make you the most stylish person at the pool or beach (or waterpark…no judgment here).


Am I the only one who isn’t all that into beachwear? Am I terrible fashion person for pretty much wearing pajamas as a cover up for so many years? What’s your go-to beach look?

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One thought on “Life’s a Beach

  1. Jena,

    I will admit, I have always been obsessed with swimwear, but that’s because I grew up with a pool in the backyard (and had one at the babysitter’s house). However, I won’t spend more than $50 on a swimsuit, ever! I’ve never been a huge fan on jewelry in the pool, but I’ve been dying to rock a body chain thanks to the likes of Alessandra Ambrosia and Candice Swanepoel !

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