Live In Layers

Here on CCF, I rarely show myself in my lounge or activewear (and by rarely I mean never), and that all changes today. When it comes to fall/winter, it’s all about layering…and that goes for any situation — going out to dinner, your work commute, running errands, getting to your work out, etc. It’s time to layer up, friends! It’s going to be one long winter.

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Activewear as Ready-To-Wear

Sometimes I’ll get dressed, look in the mirror and think to myself “where did this come from?” There’s certain things I’ve refused to wear in the past (with a few of the many listed here) but now I’m all about them. For example, I never thought I’d be wearing sneakers or sweatpants in public…then this happened. I’m not huge skirt person but then I ended up coming home with three after my Australia trip (here’s one of them). I don’t know how it happens but it just does. And now I can add activewear to this list of things-I-never-liked-but-now-I-wear-all-the-time. Yes, coming from the girl who openly despises exercises. Activewear.

stylish activewear

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