To Fashion Week Or Not To Fashion Week?

With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, and some very interesting articles that came out yesterday on both The Business of Fashion and Fashionista, I thought today should be the day we have that conversation. Yes, THAT conversation — to fashion week or not to fashion week?

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Half-Assed Halloween

With Halloween being exactly one week away, it’s about that time where people are frantic about what they’re going to dress up as, what parties they’re going to go to and most importantly, figuring out a way not to consume your body weight in candy. I’m personally not a big fan of Halloween (I do enjoy the chocolate, though) but the only way I can semi-enjoy it is to kind of dress up (meaning not put together a full on look but enough to avoid the “why aren’t you dressed up?” question) which brings me to today’s post.

I’ve always said that if I had a show on Food Network it would be called Half-Assed Meals With Jena (because if it involves more than 7 ingredients and takes more than 20 minutes I am not interested) and I participate in Halloween in a very half-assed way (last year, I wore a bat sweater)…so it’s only appropriate to title this one a Half-Assed Halloween (but of course…it’s fashion themed). One costume, three or less items to make it happen, let’s do it.

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Making A Statement

With fashion month starting this week, I thought it was appropriate to discuss the one thing that brings all fashion week street style together — statement pieces. It’s rare to come across an image from this fashion-filled month that doesn’t have at least one stand out item so why not talk about it?

Speaking of fashion week, I wanted to take this opportunity to pull an Amanda Bynes on you (it’s not what you think — I have a decent driving record and I don’t plan on wearing a wig any time in the near future), I’m taking an early retirement from fashion…

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-04at84645AM.png

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