Bear Champ

If you live in Chicago, I’m sure you have passed by a mural at some point that involves a bear wearing boxing gloves. If you haven’t, then you most likely never leave your neighborhood (and in that case you might as well live in LA). Regardless of where you reside or what you see in your ‘hood, we can all learn a little something from the Bear Champ today.

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Bruce Jeffries Reinfeld Photography

It’s not often I post about a photographer on ChiCityFashion but when I come across something so awesome, I just can’t help but spread the word. Last year at Wells Street Art Fair I discovered Bruce Jeffries Reinfeld. I was immediately drawn to the Prada piece (see below) and didn’t think twice about purchasing it. Now it resides right above my bed and I’m still obsessed with it.


All of his photos start in black and white, then he digitally airbrushes color onto each image. It creates these whimsical yet beautiful photos that I am so intrigued by. The coolest part about Bruce? None of his photos are staged or manipulated. He sees something as it is, takes the photo then creates his art from there.


While at the art fair this year I was really inspired by this piece…so I decided to add it to my collection.


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