Ever since The Row made a $39k alligator version, it seems like backpacks have been on our minds ever since. Thankfully Mary-Kate and Ashley have created a much more “affordable” leather version and pretty much every other designer has come up with some sort of backpack to fit the hands-free lifestyle we all wish to have. But sometimes this style can be a bit too sporty, and can make us look like we’re going to the gym (which is cool for some but not for everyone…like me, who loathes such a place) so today it’s all about the sophisticated backpack or as I like to call it, the bagpack (and I promise none of them will cost you five digits).

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Back[pack] To School

Shoulder bags, satchels, totes…most handbags have one thing in common — hands. With all the things we have to carry around these days (iPhone in one hand, Starbucks in another, perhaps a few September issues under your arm), hands are a hot commodity and we need them for important things. Like composing the perfect Instagram caption, pointing at that new restaurant I’ve been dying to try, and checking what’s new on the Net-a-Porter app just to name a few.

Even cross body bags can get in the way sometimes and they are one of the most common ways go about carrying your things hands free …unless you decide to go really old school and opt for a fanny pack (which I’m not totally opposed to). But today’s topic of discussion is about that other pack — the backpack.

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