Go Bold In The Cold

When I looked at my phone this morning it said 1 degree. Like why even bother with one single degree? With record low temperatures in Chicago, as well as the showgoers at NYFW actually taking the weather into consideration this year (sometimes you just have to wear pants once those single digits hit!) it wouldn’t seem fair to go on without discussing one of the most important categories in winter fashion — cold weather accessories.

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Style Crush: Chiara Totire

Just about every fashion week, new “street style stars” emerge and everyone is kept guessing “who are these mystery girls in these absolutely fantastic outfits?” Now I realize fashion week isn’t for another month or so but there has been someone from the last few seasons that I’ve totally been [style] crushing on. And because pinning just isn’t enough, this girl is getting her own post…and I think you’ll love her style just as much as I do.

 photo streetpeeper2.jpg

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What Why Where: The Beanie

From fashion week in New York to the streets of Chicago, I just can’t get enough of BEANIES. Like my leather hat and my blue Illesteva sunglasses, I’m sure you’ll be sick of seeing this beanie soon. But it’s warm, it’s cool, it’s kind of weird so it’s here to stay. Sorry but I really am not sorry. To make up for it in advance, today’s post has some guest appearances. So get excited. I sure am.


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