Red Carpet Fashion: Golden Globes 2013 (Part 2)

With some celebs pulling an “Angie,” a hard-to-miss arm party plus one of my best dressed picks revealed, be sure to get caught up on part 1 of my Golden Globes red carpet coverage. Oh, you already did? Well then let’s continue.

PhotobucketJessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2013

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Wine Riot Giveaway

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As a wine enthusiast myself I’m really excited to attend Wine Riot this weekend at Union Station. Wine Riot is a unique wine event created by wine lovers who wanted a more fun environment for tastings. With a DJ, photobooth and more, this is far from your ordinary wine tasting. The coolest part? They have a mobile app where you can keep track of the wines you like throughout the event. I personally always forget the wines I end up liking (all I know is I love Cab) so I’m especially pumped about that aspect.


So why am I telling you all this? Second Glass (who puts on Wine Riot) is giving away a pair of tickets to this weekend’s event! This will be the first ever 24-hour giveaway on ChiCityFashion, so be sure to take full advantage. Here’s how to enter:

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Red Carpet Fashion: People’s Choice Awards 2012

I’m going to be up front with you…I did not watch the People’s Choice Awards last night nor did I plan on doing a red carpet post today. However, after browsing the photos and being quite impressed with the risks people took on the red carpet last night (regardless of whether they paid off or not) I just couldn’t help myself. And of course this isn’t the entire list of people who attended the awards show last night…but it’s the people who the dresses that matter, in the best or worst ways possible.

Photobucket Vanessa Hudgens in Jenny Packham

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Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie awards were last night. Overall, they were less painful than I expected. Jason Sudeikis was pretty funny, the fashion was subpar and the backdrop on stage really confused me, but I didn’t mind that 2 hours of my life so I can’t complain.

Let’s get to the stuff that really matters…the red carpet of course.


Amanda Bynes in Hervé Léger

Man did I LOVE Amanda Bynes in her All That days. However, I am so not loving her now…in this getup. I’m all for a bold shoe but these have no business being paired with this dress. I hope this is not the work of a stylist because if it is, they should probably consider another profession.


Brooklyn Decker in No. 21

Short sequin dress and plain black pumps. Boring. Standard.


Elle Faning in Dolce & Gabbana

I like the individual elements and I’m all for mixing prints but I’m just not feeling this. And although this is not the most formal award show, I still find this outfit a little casual for the occasion.


Emma Watson in Marchesa

A little simple for my taste, but she looks really great here. These types of award shows tend to bring out the “trashy” when it comes to celeb style but Emma looks classic and chic here. So refreshing to see a look I don’t hate.


Hailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton

She’s been on a great red carpet streak since the SAG awards, but unfortunately….all good things must come to an end. She’s SO adorable and so young…why would she even think about wearing a pantsuit? AND it’s June. Nothing about this outfit says Spring/Summer…nor does it say “I’m 14.”


Jessica Szohr in Alice & Olivia

I never really cared for her story lines in Gossip Girl, nor do I care for this jumpsuit.


Kristen Stewart in Balmain

Let’s start off with this positive…she doesn’t look miserable. So I feel bad dissing her outfit. But let’s be honest…it’s a too-short dress with safety pins. Erica Domesek of PS I Made This could have actually made this. And pointy black pumps? Nine West circa 2006.


Leighton Meester in Balmain

I always want to like her red carpet looks, but I never really do. To be honest, this could have been much worse but I just can’t stop thinking of the JLo disco ball dress (I know there’s many but I mean this one).


Nikki Reed in Heather

I’ve never seen or read Twilight but this looks like Twilight.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Dolce & Gabbana

I’m not the biggest fan of animal print and those shoes look like flat thong sandals at a glance…but overall it’s not terrible. She’s gorgeous so it’s hard for her to look bad, but at the same time…she’s gorgeous so she could have definitely done better.


Selena Gomez in Giambattista Valli

She dresses very sophisticated for her age but I don’t hate it. This is actually a more complex than she usually wears. The overall look is pretty standard though. But of course…she looks gorgeous.


Emma Stone in Bottega Veneta

Let me start off by saying…thank goodness she’s back to this hair color (was not feeling the blonde). Let’s move on by CONGRATULATING EMMA…for not only winning some award in a category I can’t remember (and was probably not that important to begin with) but for being the BEST DRESSED OF THE NIGHT. I absolutely love this dress, and even more on her. Perfect bag. Perfect shoes. Overall perfection!


Mila Kunis in Balmain

If you didn’t watch the awards show, this photo may or may not confuse you. Either way, Mila is yet another celeb wearing Balmain…and unfortunately another miss for me. It’s not that I hate the outfit, because I don’t, but it’s just another “going out” outfit. If you’re going to attend an awards show, especially if you’re presenting, you should try a little harder (even if it’s just MTV).

Photos: Tom & Lorenzo, Just Jared

Best Dressed: Met Gala 2011

Last night was the Met Gala…otherwise known as the Met Ball, Costume Institute Gala, and the “Oscars of Fashion.” As I like to say, normal red carpet events are meant to please the mainstream, and the Met Gala is meant to please the fashion world. There were a lot of fabulous dresses out there, which of course can easily be ruined by poor styling choices. No one is perfect, but when you have a team of hair stylists, wardrobe stylists and makeup artists on hand, you are expected to get pretty damn close.

With that said, here are my best dressed picks for the 2011 Met Gala…


Miranda Kerr in custom Marchesa

Her job is to be an angel, and she looked like quite the fashionable one in this custom Marchesa dress. Those appear to be Nicholas Kirkwood shoes which is always a funkier pairing choice. I appreciate when celebs choose an unexpected accessory, and pairing this stunning dress with something other than a sparkly pump is exactly what I’m talking about.


Margherita Missoni in Missoni

I can always count on Margherita Missoni for some unexpected accessory pairings. Belting this dress definitely dresses it down, but I don’t hate it. Wearing a spiked necklace with those statement bracelets is a bold move, and it’s the perfect juxtaposition to the pastel lightness of the dress.


Liv Tyler in Givenchy Haute Couture

The 2011 Met Gala wouldn’t be the 2011 Met Gala without at least one dress from the Givenchy Spring 2011 Couture collection. That collection screams WEAR ME TO THE MET so I’m glad Liv Tyler decided to go this direction. The bright yellow clutch is a perfect pairing for this lavish gown.


Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney

I’m normally not one for simplicity but this was too perfect to pass up. I know she does this minimalistic nude dress look often, but you can’t help but stare. When a dress fits like a glove, it makes all the difference…and this fit is just amazing.


Emma Stone in Lanvin

To be honest, I don’t really like this dress. So why did I pick this look for my best dressed picks? Because the drama it brings combined with the bold lips and statement earrings is just amazing. I had to look at this a few times to make sure I loved it, and although this will be a controversial one…I LOVE this look.


Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

This is another look that brings the drama. A large slit is an easy way to pump up the drama, plus the hair and makeup really compliment the outfit. She is also working the HELL out of this look…which is always important when posing on the red carpet. The dress is gorgeous on it’s own but was meant to be worn by Miss Kruger.


Demi Moore in Prabal Gurung

Another controversial look, most would see this and give a big WTF, but this was my absolute favorite dress from the Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 collection so I had to include it here.  I actually was hoping someone wore it to the Oscars, so when I saw it at the Met Gala I was beyond thrilled. Although the headpiece is a little much, this is the ONLY event you can get away with wearing a head-to-toe feathered look. My only comment, I wish she would have “worked it” like Diane, because the standard smile-and-pose does not work with a look like this.


Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen

This entire event was dedicated to the late Alexander McQueen, so I knew there would be quite a few McQueen dresses on the red carpet…although there were none like this. If you’ve read my red carpet commentary posts before, I rarely ever fall in love with a red dress (it’s my least favorite color…especially paired with the RED carpet). However, I literally gasped when I saw this photo. If anyone but Gisele wore this, my reaction would be completely different. But she BROUGHT IT in this dress and I am loving every bit of it.

Who were your best dressed picks? Let me know in the comments section below!

Photos: Tom & Lorenzo, Radar Online, The Cut