What Why Where: Fall Shorts

I’ve always liked the idea of Fall shorts but they never made their way into my closet. Although I do have a few pairs in the leather variety, the length of them just doesn’t seem appropriate once September hits (and now that we’re in October, it just feels way too wrong to wear short shorts). So if they’re wool and much longer than what I’m used to, it has to be okay to wear in Fall, right? (As long as the weather still permits…which it’s been doing a killer job of lately).

So today I’m taking on the fashion challenge of incorporating shorts into a Fall look. Shorts: 0. Jena: 0. Let’s see how this plays out.

 photo DanielKelleghan-1018-4.jpg

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What Why Where: Get It Girl

This outfit is the perfect example of “fake it ’til you make it.” Meaning, it’s sunny, my outfit is [fairly] Spring appropriate, however the temperatures do not reflect those of spring whatsoever. So I’m just going to pretend it’s spring until it is spring…get it? [girl]

 photo Danielkelleghancom-8.jpg

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What Why Where: Put A Bird On It

Although I’m not wearing anything with a bird on it, it happens to be the perfect background for this week’s What Why Where (I also happen to love Portlandia). Sequin sweatpants, a Balenciaga bracelet and a flamingo…why not?


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