“Like” What You See?

I write a lot about fashion here on CCF (fashion is in my name and it happens to be my game) but sometimes there’s some other relatable categories that strike my fancy and they’re not necessarily about the latest trend or red carpet event. And you know what? I want to talk about them! So if you’ve ever felt cool because that Instagram you posted got more likes than you anticipated, that’s a totally normal feeling…and you’re going to want to keep reading.

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Fashion Things Fashion People Love

We all know what shit bloggers wear (which sometimes can cause some #bloggerproblems) but what about fashion people in general (models, editors, stylists, etc)? Are they too strolling around in Chanel Boy bags, Isabel Marant shoes of any kind, or Celine Luggage totes? Let’s take a look at fashion things fashion people love (also known as shit fashion people wear).

chanel lego

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: Matt Roan + Shannon O’Brien

This is definitely the most unique Chi City’s Most Stylish feature I’ve ever done because today, you get a two-fer. That’s right. With this couple being one of the most stylish in Chicago (if not, THE most stylish) this just had to happen.

 photo mattshannonintro.jpg

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: Eva Daiberl

I never make New Years resolutions (because let’s be honest, I’m not going to lose that last 5 lbs) but I decided to make a blogging resolution for this year. And now that I’m announcing it to all of you, I am forced to commit to it for 2013. So here it goes…

Because I started ChiCityFashion to showcase the great fashion we have in Chicago, I decided to create a monthly series called “Chi City’s Most Stylish” that features people in Chicago who I personally find to have great style. These people are more than a pretty face and a fantastic wardrobe. They’re worth knowing…I promise.

So who is Chi City’s Most Stylish for January?


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