Getting Comfortable

When it comes to getting dressed, comfort wasn’t always my number one priority. I thought “anything for fashion,” “I don’t care how high the heel,” and “I know it’s not my size but it’s 50% off so I’ll take it.” And one day it just clicked. Maybe I can still look put together without faking my way to five inches taller and in pants that make sitting down a daunting task. With trends like boyfriend jeans, oversized everything and flat shoes, it’s clear that designers are on the same page. So, THANK YOU FASHION. My feet are forever grateful.

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The Perfect Winter Combination

I admit, for many years (6 to be exact) Uggs were my go-to winter boots. Yes, I know you may be thinking to yourself “and she calls herself a fashion expert?” We all make fashion mistakes and I apologize for this one. Hey at least I’m honest, right?

Although that nice shearling interior might seem cozy, when you’re trekking through snow and slush these boots are bound to get soaked…which they did…leaving my feet cold, wet and sad. So why did I continue to buy them for so many years? This question remains unanswered.

In Chicago, we’re all about practicality when it comes to fashion but I think this is a combination everyone can benefit from (except if you’re in LA, then you can continue wearing your flip flops in December and we’ll all hate you for it).


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