Azeeza Shopping Weekend

It’s the Monday after Coachella, a lot of Instagramming occurred, and as we speak I’m most likely on a plane back to Chicago…already thinking about this coming weekend. Why is that exactly? It’s something you should get pumped for too.

azeeza event chicago

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Local Jewels

Who doesn’t love jewelry? And doesn’t it feel good to shop local? Thankfully, we have some insanely talented jewelry designers right here in Chicago. Don’t live here? Don’t worry. You can still join in on the fun.

 photo photo-86.jpg

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Atelier Azza Making Things Happen

From what’s anticipated to be the event of the summer to a new store and even fun Refinery29 story, there’s a lot happening in Chicago right now…and it all thanks to¬†Atelier Azza.

 photo ScreenShot2013-08-12at71716PM.png

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Denim Wars

Besides swimwear, denim is one of my least favorite things to buy. Unless you have a perfectly proportionate body shape (but who does, really?), it’s not all that easy to buy in either of those two categories. But because I might wear a swimsuit 5 times a year and I wear some sort of denim almost on a daily, denim is today’s priority.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t wear low-rise, appreciate a bit of stretch and still want high quality and great style, then I suggest you hit that “read more” button.

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-10at83547AM.png

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The Versatile Computer Sleeve

I always enjoy tech accessories that do more than just protect my technology (re: Proenza iPad case, but should totally be a clutch). So what happens when a local designer (who I happen to adore) makes neon computer sleeves?

 photo clutch5.jpg

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