Dior Couture with Raf Simons

The couture shows in Paris started this week and the most anticipated of the bunch was Dior (remember the whole Galliano ordeal and how they haven’t really had a creative director for over a year?)

Raf Simons made his debut as Dior creative director with the Fall 2012 couture collection that walked the runway for the first time yesterday. After the whole “who’s going to be the next creative director?” mess (and an abundance of rumors) I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with what Raf did with this collection.

Dior has always been known for ladylike silhouettes, but he took it to another level by offering feminine silhouettes 2 ways–the classic way and with an edge. He showed a lot of ankle-length dresses in light pink and white but also showed this silhouette in darker, edgier prints. Also seen throughout this collection were little peplum tops (most at that “is it a dress or is it a top?” awkward length) paired with pants. When it comes to couture, designers tend to go for this “dress with pants” type of look, which I find interesting because I can’t see this translating to real life. However, it’s couture….which has nothing to do with real life. So take a look at these pretty pictures and decide for yourself. How do you think Raf Simons did with his debut collection as Dior creative director?


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Red Carpet Fashion: 2011 Met Gala (Part 3)

This is the last red carpet fashion post for the Met Gala. Any previous coverage has been posted in best dressed, part 1 and part 2. Hope you’ve enjoyed the fashion as much as I have!

Enjoy part 3…


Emma Roberts in Michael Kors

I’ve really been loving Emma’s red carpet choices lately. She looks stunning in this Michael Kors gown and it fits her perfectly. However, this could have been worn to just about any red carpet event and she could have done more for the Met Gala.


Dianna Agron in Michael Kors

I love Glee, but I find Dianna’s red carpet choices to be quite boring. She looks gorgeous and it’s a pretty dress but again, IT’S THE MET GALA PEOPLE. Time to step it up!


Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen

Now THIS is someone I can always count on to make a statement. She got dressed for the Met Gala in the Barneys windows…it doesn’t get more statement-making than that. This was the perfect dress to wear when making a tribute to her good friend and late designer, Alexander McQueen.


Dakota Fanning in Valentino

I actually think this dress is perfect for the occasion. It looks gorgeous on her, but is she not wearing ANY makeup? I mean come on…if you’re going to put the effort into wearing a gown like this, at least do something with the hair and makeup.


Ciara in Prabal Gurung

I love this dress, especially because I appreciate some Prabal on the red carpet, but the jewelry completely ruins the look. I’m not sure if that’s one large cuff or several bracelets, either way they are completely unnecessary. If the jewelry choices were different, this may have made best dressed! (okay that and a different hair style)


Christina Ricci in Zac Posen

I actually don’t love this dress and I can’t help but think of the movie Beetlejuice, but it is THE ultimate Met Gala gown. It’s dramatic and makes a statement yet isn’t over styled. I can go either way on this…


Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors

Love the dress. Indifferent about the bag. Hate the hair. However, this look would work at a more “mainstream” red carpet event (with a different hair style of course).


Blake Lively in custom Chanel

Don’t you wish Karl was making YOU custom Chanel gowns for fancy red carpet events? I do. But I’ll let Blake have the spotlight…for now. I wouldn’t love the dress on anyone else but she looks gorgeous…doesn’t she always though?


Beyonce in Emilio Pucci

Can she move? Can she breathe? This is when a size up would have been helpful. May have given this look an entirely different vibe but I just can’t help but think she’s going to pass out due to lack of air.


Ashley Olsen in vintage Christian Dior

I did not like this at first but I’m really growing to love it. Again, it’s fit for an Olsen and no one else, so it works here. I think it’s great how they incorporate designer vintage into modern times and it works for them. I do think she could have done with different shoes but I’ll stop being picky.

I hope you enjoyed all my 2011 Met Gala coverage. Until next year!

Photos: Tom & LorenzoThe Cut