Stacks On Stacks

No longer do we just put on one necklace, a bracelet and a ring on our ring finger. I mean, what fun is that?  It kind of all started with the “arm party” a few years back then moved onto how many rings can we fit onto each hand and now we’re pretty much at the point where it’s completely normal to wear a boutique’s worth of jewels in just one look (otherwise known as stacks on stacks and if you’re really ambitious #stacksonstacksonstacks).

stacked rings

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What Why Where: Fall Shorts

I’ve always liked the idea of Fall shorts but they never made their way into my closet. Although I do have a few pairs in the leather variety, the length of them just doesn’t seem appropriate once September hits (and now that we’re in October, it just feels way too wrong to wear short shorts). So if they’re wool and much longer than what I’m used to, it has to be okay to wear in Fall, right? (As long as the weather still permits…which it’s been doing a killer job of lately).

So today I’m taking on the fashion challenge of incorporating shorts into a Fall look. Shorts: 0. Jena: 0. Let’s see how this plays out.

 photo DanielKelleghan-1018-4.jpg

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