Almost Edible Accessories

Remember candy necklaces? Ring Pops? Lady Gaga’s meat dress? Well I found a designer here in Australia who is doing something even cooler…

Taco friendship bracelets, anyone?

lucy folk, australian designer

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Food Pairings: Second City Club + Rachel Comey

If you’ve been a long-time ChiCityFashion reader, you may remember this little thing I used to do called Food Pairings. It was my way of incorporating my only hobby of eating with my job that is fashion. I haven’t posted one of these in over a year but I’m hoping to make it a regular feature on CCF in 2014 (as long as you’re okay with it, of course). Because I attended such an awesome dinner last week, I didn’t want to wait until the new year to share.

May I introduce you to the first and only Food Pairing of 2013 – The Second City Food, Wine & Social Club paired with the soft, crisp, oaky finish of Rachel Comey.

food and fashion, rachel comey

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When Food Meets Fashion

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that the only thing I love as much as fashion is food. It’s not the best combination because together I’m going to be One [Fat] Broke Girl but they make me happy so I guess that’s all that matters…right?

So I decided to put my two loves together for today’s post.

 photo 2PradaSpring2011AdCampaign.jpg

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Chi City’s Most Stylish: D. Graham Kostic

You know when you meet someone and everything they do makes you smile? Like they could just stand there and look angry, but you’d still be grinning uncontrollably? Well that’s how I feel about this guy….

(in a completely non-romantic way of course)

 photo intro.jpg

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Mixing vs. Matching

Hey fashion…you tell us to mix prints then you tell us to match prints. So really, what are we supposed to do here?

 photo prints.jpg

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