Such a Poser

Before we had Instagram to share all of our #fromwhereistands and #ootds, we had Pose. If you’re not familiar with the social site/app, it’s one where you upload your outfit, tag accordingly and others can shop the look. I’ve been using it for about three years now and they’re always coming up with new features, but the latest one happens to be pretty major.

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Open For Business

I admit, Chicago is no New York. We are a city that actually sometimes sleeps, our pizza clearly isn’t everyone’s favorite and we don’t have a cool boutique on every corner. With that said, I love sleep, I prefer Neapolitan style pizza and we just had four awesome new stores open this month. Care to find out who has graced this fine city with their presence?

chicago boutique, citizen stone

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Insta Shop

Everyone loves Instagram because it makes us all feel like a talented photographer (and now videographer), you get to show everyone the cool parties you go to and you also get to stalk people in a whole new way (Facebook stalking is so 4 years ago). But because these are really the only things you can do on Instagram, other smart people have found new ways to utilize Instagram to do some cool things. And Keep is one of them.

 photo use-5.jpg

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