2013′s Most Popular

If you’ve ever wondered what Instagram got the most likes this year or who had the most viewed fashion video, then you’ll want to pay attention.

2013 was good to the Internet and if this year was a popularity contest (which, isn’t it always?) and Google was handing out the awards, here’s what the superlatives would look like.

most popular pins, top pins 2013

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Proenza In Space

As I’ve mentioned before (but probably not often enough), I’ve always had a thing for space. I can’t tell you how it started (although me discovering claustrophobia is what ended it) but when it comes to stars, planets and whatever else is up there, I’m into it.

So I happen to discover Proenza Schouler’s Fall 2013 ad campaign video yesterday and it seems as if Jack and Lazaro have also taken a liking to space. That, and a white¬†cockatoo.

 photo Proenza-Schouler-Fall-13-Campaign.jpg

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Samantha Sleeper in Chicago

If you’ve never heard of Samantha Sleeper, I suggest you pay attention (and if you have then you’re going to be really excited about what I have to say). The talented designer (who happens to be a fellow North Shore fashion enthusiast) now resides in New York BUT she’s bringing something very special to Chicago.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-15at74710AM.png

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Gatsby Glamour

With the new Great Gatsby movie coming out soon, all things Gatsby themed are making a comeback. But Sheridan Road Magazine is taking it to another level for their April issue with one glamorous Gatsby wedding.

 photo 45538_515856315126614_86046009_n.jpg

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The New “It” App

When it comes to fashion, there’s always an “it.” It Bag (currently: anything Celine), It Girl (currently: Cara Delevingne…at least in my eyes), and regardless of your interest in fashion, It App (was Instagram…until now).


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