Before The Fall…

There’s Pre-Fall. It’s almost a teaser for the Fall season, but not really. It’s just Pre-Fall. Sometimes it’s totally underrated and others, it’s just like…why bother? So today we’re going to take a look at the questionable, the best and the oh-so-fashiony looks from Pre-Fall 2014 (including one trend I cannot wait to get your opinion on), in my favorite superlative form.

thakoon shorts, pre-fall 2014

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Hairy Styles

When it comes to the hairy styles of calf/pony hair, it’s something I was not always a big fan of. It was either leather or fur for me, and nothing in between. But then these Phillip Lim loafers came into my life while in London, and next thing I know there’s another pair of pony hair shoes on my feet and I’m writing a blog post about this furry material that I used to ignore.

So today I’d like you to join me in a conversation not about One Direction but about some other hairy styles…

 photo 379508_ou_xl.jpg

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Atelier Azza Making Things Happen

From what’s anticipated to be the event of the summer to a new store and even fun Refinery29 story, there’s a lot happening in Chicago right now…and it all thanks to¬†Atelier Azza.

 photo ScreenShot2013-08-12at71716PM.png

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Patent Pending

While doing my daily research (which is usually code for online shopping), I noticed things are getting a little…shiny. And I thought we should talk about it.

 photo 00120fullscreen.jpg

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The New Resort

Resort isn’t the same as it used to be. What was originally created for wealthy jet setters to have something to wear during their winter vacation months (because what they wore to St. Barths last year simply won’t do), is now a very transitional season. We see much fewer swimsuits, caftans and fabulous floppy hats and more jackets, separates and even full on coats. So how would I describe Resort today? I’d say it’s the perfect mix of Spring and Fall. If you’re digging the black and white “trend” (I use the term trend very loosely because after all, it is black and white) for this Spring then you’ll be happy to know it’s definitely here to stay this Resort season. Pretty much every designer had at least one black and white look, and I might even like these options better than what we saw for Spring.

So, I’m going to do Resort the only way I know how…with superlatives of course.

 photo Dior.jpg

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