E-Commerce Is The New Black

Not all fashion trends come in typical fashion form. This trend isn’t like owls or curved heels but more like something that gives us more options to shop those owls or curved heels. E-commerce (better known as online shopping) has been popping up in some unexpected places and it’s safe to say that it’s definitely the new black.

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September Issues

Fashion month is approaching and there’s several pounds worth of paper (known as September issues) to prove it. Between fashion weeks all over the world, Fall merchandise rolling in, and the thickest magazine issues of the year all happening next month, you can’t avoid fashion in September. You just can’t…right, Anna?

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The New Balenciaga Bags

While reading the most recent issue of Harper’s Bazaar during one of two times I read magazines (getting a pedicure and traveling…I’m still in Chicago so you can make an educated guess which one I was doing), a bag caught my eye in one of their editorials, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So what do I do when I can’t stop thinking about something? Talk about it on CCF, of course.

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Fashion Books For Your Holiday Wish List

I’ve never been a big reader but I absolutely love fashion books (probably because they’re mostly made up of large, visually appealing images). I’ve been collecting them for the last few years but there’s always more to add to my wishlist. I compiled some that I already own along with a few that are currently on my mind, but regardless…there’s a fashion book for everyone and these books would make any fashion enthusiast quite the happy camper this holiday season.

PhotobucketFashion for beginners: The Little Dictionary of Fashion

PhotobucketFor those who don’t mind a little bit of nudity: Kate Moss by Mario Testino

PhotobucketA lot of pretty pictures: Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits

**I just bought this over the weekend and met Glenda Bailey herself…such an inspirational woman! This book is awesome.

PhotobucketTop of the list (Carine can do no wrong): Carine Roitfelt Irreverent

Photobucket Fashion foodies rejoice: American Fashion Cookbook

What are your favorite fashion books? Have any on your mind for the holidays?