“Like” What You See?

I write a lot about fashion here on CCF (fashion is in my name and it happens to be my game) but sometimes there’s some other relatable categories that strike my fancy and they’re not necessarily about the latest trend or red carpet event. And you know what? I want to talk about them! So if you’ve ever felt cool because that Instagram you posted got more likes than you anticipated, that’s a totally normal feeling…and you’re going to want to keep reading.

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Fashion-Gram Vol. 2

A few weeks back, I tried this thing called fashion-gramming, basically a personal style post consisting of selfies and other outfit-related things I post on Instagram, with a little more info (does anyone even read my Insta captions anyway?) So I thought I’d give it another go (after all, it’s been two weeks since volume 1). Ready?

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With Instagram still refusing to let us click links within the app, using it as a blogger can be a bit of a challenge. With endless “where can I get that?” questions surfacing in the comments section (not necessarily on my Insta but just in general) there’s been a few ways companies have figured out how you can “shop the look.” But I thought I’d make this as simple as possible…just by telling you myself.

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