Jeans & Gym Shoes

Today’s post really hits close to home because I’m touching on a fashion combination that I’ve always despised (even says so on my about page) but with so many more denim and sneaker options out there today, my mind might be changed. I said might…

 photo use-6.jpg

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Fancy Flats

Last year, I raved about the loafers that changed my life, this year was all about slip on sneakers but regardless of which flat shoe you prefer…the question still remains, can you wear flats instead of heels for a more dressed up look?

Let’s find out.

 photo use-3.jpg

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Downpour Chic

Due to my extreme frustration with the recent weather (can anyone in Chicago remember the last day we did NOT have rain? I didn’t think so), I thought I’d channel this into something helpful. When it rains, we all seem to either give up on how we look or just ruin our outfits. Neither one is fun so I’m going to turn something bad (daily storms that occur when you least expect it so you better have an umbrella at ALL times) into something good (an excuse to go shopping).

 photo rain-street-style.jpg

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Net-a-Porter Spring Sale

Could it be more perfect that the Net-a-Porter sale started yesterday on my birthday? I just like to think they had me in mind when planning for this special day (and disregard the fact that everyone has sales after Memorial Day).

I love this time of year because spring merchandise goes on sale and living in Chicago, we’ve barely broken in our spring wardrobes. The last Net-a-Porter sale in December, I rounded up my favorite discounted designer items under $200 but I thought I’d take on more of a challenge for this one…

 photo 24449_10000758.jpg

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Get The Perfect Glow

Every once in a while, I enjoy a deceiving title. You probably thought this would be about beauty products that give you the perfect glow, right? If that’s what you prefer then I suggest you read this. But if you’re open to new ways of glowing then I suggest you continue on here.

 photo 26319_10151538674647394_66790539_n.jpg

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