Good Things Come In Small Packages

Saving what everyone thinks of last…for last. It’s been a good run with this year’s holiday gift guides. Custom gifts, under $100 finds, fun and quirky presents and even the dreaded gift set, I hope you could find at least one thing to give this year (even if it’s for yourself!) from the CCF gift guides. But what would Christmas be without stockings, right? Good things come in small packages…so don’t skimp on the stocking stuffers this year.

stocking stuffer ideas, gift guide, holiday gift ideas

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Holiday Fun

If you or someone you know appreciates random, funny and somewhat quirky things (such as what’s pictured here) then why not gift them something kind of awesomely hilarious for the holidays?

holiday gifts, gift guide, funny gifts

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What A Hoot!

Charlotte Olympia, Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler are just a few of the designers who are having a hoot with the latest animal trend. Care to find out what it is? (I think I’ve made it pretty obvious by now…)

charlotte olympia, quirky bag, net-a-porter

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Charlotte vs. Kate

Are cinema-inspired accessories on trend or is a certain designer taking very literal inspiration from another designer? Chi City Fashion investigates (man, I love saying that).

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-15at82234AM.png

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Socially Acceptable

Emoticon jewelry, hashtag t-shirts, Internet slang accessories…it seems like the more social media sites we get, the more social media fashion options we have. After all, wearing an emoji around your neck is the new wearing your heart on your sleeve. #AmIRight?

 photo RM4170.jpg

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