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I’ve always found it kind of funny (also, slightly frustrating) that the most simple things in life are the most difficult to find. The ideal salad (that’s actually satisfying and filling…why can’t we have both?), a mascara that does what it says it will do (but wait, I just found that) and perfect basics. There’s a ton of companies out there who offer “the perfect basics” (t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, etc.) but the styles tend to be on the boring side. So, do basics have to be boring?

There must be something in the water down under because yet again, Australia brings us the answer — a not so basic, Bassike.

bassike, perfect basics

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What Why Where: Right Side Of The Tracks

You know those miracle winter days when it’s not below freezing and you suddenly think it’s spring and heavy coats are no longer necessary? Today is not one of those days…but over the weekend (when these were taken) it was pretty decent. Although I learned the hard way, not decent enough to get away with just a sweater jacket. Oops.

winter fashion, chicago fashion

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What Why Where: 2014

Welcome, 2014. Nice to meet you. 2013 was pretty cool so you have some big shoes to fill (and as long as those shoes aren’t Birkenstocks, I think we’ll do just fine).

2014, mani monday,

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What Why Where: Say My Name

Thought I’d show you my super casual side for this week’s What Why Where. But of course there’s always a twist…a Destiny’s Child throwback twist.

jena gambaccini, chicago street style, personal style blog

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What Why Where: The Atelier

Why would I title a post “The Atelier” when I’m hanging out in front of a graffiti wall in Logan Square? I’ll get to that in a minute, but first…

 photo DanielKelleghan-1008-3.jpg

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