Met Ball Predictions

Predicting who will win what is just not where it’s at anymore — it’s who will WEAR what that’s right now (or really just what I care about). Although I did have a little fun with who might win the CFDA Awards (we’ll get the results in exactly one month from today), it’s almost that time of year again — what most fashion folks would say is the BEST time of the year (because it is) — the Met Ball is just around the corner.

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Met Gala Fashion: The Punkest

We’ve discussed the not so punk and the almost punk from last night’s Met Gala…but what about the punkest of them all? These ladies BROUGHT IT. Not saying they all should have (I’m talking to you, Madonna) but I appreciate the effort.

For the last and final Met Gala post of 2013…

 photo ChristinaRicciinVivienneWestwood.jpg Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood

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Met Gala Fashion: Almost Punk

So we already know who completely missed the punk memo last night, but we have to discuss those who tried…but failed. Not saying all of these ladies are on the worst dressed list, but their attempt at punk was so close…yet so far.

 photo BeyonceKnowlesinGivenchybyRiccardoTisci.jpg Beyonce in Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

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Met Gala Fashion: The Not So Punk

All caught up with part 1 and part 2? Great. Grand. Fantastic.

Now let’s talk about those who missed the punk memo. I’m not saying you have to show up in a mohawk, a nose ring and everything with safety pins but you can at least acknowledge the theme. But maybe these people are so punk, they’re not going to dress punk for the punk event. Ever think of that?

 photo AnnaWintourinChanel.jpg Anna Wintour in Chanel

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