The Skinny On Magazines

How do you take your fashion magazines? Model? Celebrity? Or neither? (Because really, those are your only two options).

The “let’s use more plus sized models” and “stop Photoshop” conversations are still happening but after an interview with Vogue UK‘s EIC Alexandra Shulman over the weekend, there’s a lot more to talk about.

cara delevingne, vogue uk

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Throwback Thursday: Vogue

I hope you all enjoyed my first Throwback Thursday feature because the new CCF tradition is carrying on today. This time I decided not to do another designer but the most iconic fashion magazine instead (can’t you see I’m in the mag mood this week?) We all associate Vogue with Anna Wintour, but a lot was happening at the publication before her signature bob took over as EIC in 1988.

Let’s dig in.

 photo july1929.jpg

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Ford “It” Girl: Skye

One of the most difficult things about this Ford editorial was figuring out what models to choose. It’s like picking a Chanel bag…they’re all beautiful so you really can’t go wrong, but you can’t have them all. But when it came to Skye, she was the first comp card I looked at and I knew right away she had to be included in this photoshoot.


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