Moda Italiana

I thought I’d brush up on my Italian for today’s post (and by brush up, I mean learn and by learn I mean Google Translate). If you’re down for some good old Italian fashion (or Moda Italiana) and feel like adorning your body in gold Moschino everything then I think you’re going to have a great Friday.

moschino, net-a-porter, limited edition

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Pilotto For The Win

This isn’t Peter Pilotto’s first rodeo on CCF. He happens to be one of my favorite British fashion designers, plus his designs have been seen quite a few times in my WWW posts. But something pretty major happened for the duo behind those killer prints (yes there is a second half to Peter Pilotto – Christopher de Vos). Care to find out what that something is?

peter pilotto, spring 2014

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All Set!

Ah, the gift set. That thing everyone gives as an easy way out but the receiver is always stuck with maybe one thing they really like and all this other stuff they don’t need at all (or the entire set just sucks and in that case, it’s pretty much a waste of a gift…although we like to think it’s the thought that counts).

So today I wanted to take on the challenge of the gift set (whether it be in the beauty department, loungewear, and even some accessories) and find actually cool sets that you’ll be proud to give and your friends/family will love to receive.

 photo charlotte_olympia_slippers_and_eyemask.jpg

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Glossybox for Net-a-Porter

With all the events that go on during the week, I take the weekends to just chill, cuddle with my dog, eat ridiculous amounts of food, and thanks to this new collaboration launching today…try out some beauty products.

 photo Glossybox_AM_FINAL.jpg

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Hairy Styles

When it comes to the hairy styles of calf/pony hair, it’s something I was not always a big fan of. It was either leather or fur for me, and nothing in between. But then these Phillip Lim loafers came into my life while in London, and next thing I know there’s another pair of pony hair shoes on my feet and I’m writing a blog post about this furry material that I used to ignore.

So today I’d like you to join me in a conversation not about One Direction but about some other hairy styles…

 photo 379508_ou_xl.jpg

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