Fit For A Royal

With the entire world [im]patiently waiting for Kate Middleton to give birth, it leaves us common folk with many questions to be answered — What will Kate’s post-baby style be like? The same, more, or less L.K. Bennett? What will the baby wear? Who will be the first designer to dress the royal baby? Will the royal gynecologist get his or her own reality TV show? Do royals actually give birth or does the baby magically appear in a cashmere blanket woven with 24k gold?

But today I’m not answering any of these questions…however, if you’re interested in royal things, luxury things, or both then I suggest you keep reading.

 photo dolce.jpg

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Team Player

I feel like I only talk about two things on ChiCityFashion (at least as of late) — 1) how much I despise wedge sneakers and 2) how much I love a good t-shirt. So I don’t continue to offend the people reading this who are doing so in elevated sneakers, I’m going to go with number 2 today…t-shirts it is!

 photo TEAM1.png

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To Invest Or Not To Invest

To Invest Or Not To Invest…that is the real question, and the answer is not as easy as one might think. Everyone says “splurge on black pumps a nice blazer, save on trendy items” but of course fashion likes to be difficult and you have to read between the lines. If we actually followed the typical investment rule, no one would be spending $700 on wedge sneakers (and yes I will continue to hate on this trend as long as I have to…and I will not apologize).

So what items should we put a decent amount of money towards? Think of me as your fashion financial advisor (except one who is really bad at math and happens to have expensive taste).

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-01at101839AM.png
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Net-a-Porter Spring Sale

Could it be more perfect that the Net-a-Porter sale started yesterday on my birthday? I just like to think they had me in mind when planning for this special day (and disregard the fact that everyone has sales after Memorial Day).

I love this time of year because spring merchandise goes on sale and living in Chicago, we’ve barely broken in our spring wardrobes. The last Net-a-Porter sale in December, I rounded up my favorite discounted designer items under $200 but I thought I’d take on more of a challenge for this one…

 photo 24449_10000758.jpg

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On My Mind: Sophia Webster

If you haven’t heard about Sophia Webster yet, LISTEN UP. The former assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood has gone out on her own to design a whimsical line of shoes and bags. But not JUST shoes and bags…really fun [and somewhat impractical] shoes and bags — THE BEST KIND.


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