Hairy Styles

When it comes to the hairy styles of calf/pony hair, it’s something I was not always a big fan of. It was either leather or fur for me, and nothing in between. But then these Phillip Lim loafers came into my life while in London, and next thing I know there’s another pair of pony hair shoes on my feet and I’m writing a blog post about this furry material that I used to ignore.

So today I’d like you to join me in a conversation not about One Direction but about some other hairy styles…

 photo 379508_ou_xl.jpg

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Fit For A Royal

With the entire world [im]patiently waiting for Kate Middleton to give birth, it leaves us common folk with many questions to be answered — What will Kate’s post-baby style be like? The same, more, or less L.K. Bennett? What will the baby wear? Who will be the first designer to dress the royal baby? Will the royal gynecologist get his or her own reality TV show? Do royals actually give birth or does the baby magically appear in a cashmere blanket woven with 24k gold?

But today I’m not answering any of these questions…however, if you’re interested in royal things, luxury things, or both then I suggest you keep reading.

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To Invest Or Not To Invest

To Invest Or Not To Invest…that is the real question, and the answer is not as easy as one might think. Everyone says “splurge on black pumps a nice blazer, save on trendy items” but of course fashion likes to be difficult and you have to read between the lines. If we actually followed the typical investment rule, no one would be spending $700 on wedge sneakers (and yes I will continue to hate on this trend as long as I have to…and I will not apologize).

So what items should we put a decent amount of money towards? Think of me as your fashion financial advisor (except one who is really bad at math and happens to have expensive taste).

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