The Modern Pearl Girl

Isn’t it funny that some things you just despise growing up, you now actually enjoy? For me, this includes tomatoes (then I discovered Caprese salads), sneakers (which I only started liking recently), shopping (that all changed when Limited Too came into my life) and now…pearls.

But these are no longer your country club / grandma’s hand-me-down kind of pearls…

chanel spring 2014, pearls

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Making A Statement

With fashion month starting this week, I thought it was appropriate to discuss the one thing that brings all fashion week street style together — statement pieces. It’s rare to come across an image from this fashion-filled month that doesn’t have at least one stand out item so why not talk about it?

Speaking of fashion week, I wanted to take this opportunity to pull an Amanda Bynes on you (it’s not what you think — I have a decent driving record and I don’t plan on wearing a wig any time in the near future), I’m taking an early retirement from fashion…

 photo ScreenShot2013-09-04at84645AM.png

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On My Mind: Sophia Webster

If you haven’t heard about Sophia Webster yet, LISTEN UP. The former assistant to Nicholas Kirkwood has gone out on her own to design a whimsical line of shoes and bags. But not JUST shoes and bags…really fun [and somewhat impractical] shoes and bags — THE BEST KIND.


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Loafers Not To Loaf Around In

In September of last year I posted about the things I was surprisingly coveting for Fall 2011. First on the list? Loafers. Almost a year later, it’s still one of the things I’m coveting except it’s not necessarily for Fall…and it’s no surprise.

I have been against flats for quite some time now but after fashion weeks, local events, and other random outings (all in heels) I’ve been giving my feet a much needed break (and they’re very thankful by the way). It all started with my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats (flats are more bearable when spiked and/or studded, in my opinion) and after my most recent trip to NYC, I am now the proud owner of loafers…Jimmy Choo studded loafers to be exact.

Now I’m passing along my new found obsession for loafers onto you. If studs aren’t your thing (then maybe we should reconsider our friendship), there’s glitter, floral print, sequins, leopard and much more. Some call them slippers (but don’t wear these to bed…they deserve to be seen), others claim they’re smoking shoes (but you don’t have to pick up smoking to wear them). Whatever you want to call them, they’re all loafers…and they’re all awesome.

PhotobucketSam Edelman Alvin Haircalf Smoking Flats

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