The Skirt Situation

After talking about my issues with skirts in yesterday’s post, I decided to use that as inspiration for today’s discussion. If you feel like a lady who lunches or a Gossip Girl character (from the early seasons, of course) when you put on a skirt then this post is for you. If not, at least you’ll find some inspiration for some of the coolest skirts available this season. They’re pretty awesome, trust me on this one.


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Spring Pleats

Whether you like it or not, pleated skirts and dresses are making a comeback for Spring ’12. I’ve owned some pleated pieces here and there but I’ve never wanted more pleats in my life until this season. With various lengths, colors and even prints…there are such great pleated options out right now!

PhotobucketChloe. Prada. Celine. (via

Prada Spring ’12 especially blew me away with the pleats because the color combinations were just unbeatable. Let’s be honest, when does Prada NOT kill it? Exactly…

Short skirts, mid-calf dresses, asymmetrical skirts, maxi dresses. Bright, metallic, pastel, neutral. They’re all pleated…and they’re all awesome. Here’s some of my favorites.



PhotobucketJil Sander

PhotobucketChristopher Kane



Which pleats will you be wearing this Spring?