What Why Where: Off The Grid

When it comes to complete outfit dressing, I’d say I’m a bit of a newbie (unless you count my elementary school days). Currently I have three options to choose from — one PJK summer set that I won’t be able to wear here in Chicago for a very long time, one sequin sweatsuit that I’ve surprisingly gotten a lot of use out of, and now a complete Ohne Titel grid-print look (which if you’re thinking to yourself that those pants look familiar, you’re right).

I guess you can just call me prints charming…

matching prints, chicityfashion

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Before The Fall…

There’s Pre-Fall. It’s almost a teaser for the Fall season, but not really. It’s just Pre-Fall. Sometimes it’s totally underrated and others, it’s just like…why bother? So today we’re going to take a look at the questionable, the best and the oh-so-fashiony looks from Pre-Fall 2014 (including one trend I cannot wait to get your opinion on), in my favorite superlative form.

thakoon shorts, pre-fall 2014

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On My Mind: London Fashion (Part 1)

Tomorrow is a very exciting day…one that’s will soon put me in a place where I eat my body weight in fish and chips, where public transportation is actually efficient and where I pay tribute to the greatest band of all time — the Spice Girls of course.

 photo a_4x-horizontal.jpg

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The Skirt Situation

After talking about my issues with skirts in yesterday’s post, I decided to use that as inspiration for today’s discussion. If you feel like a lady who lunches or a Gossip Girl character (from the early seasons, of course) when you put on a skirt then this post is for you. If not, at least you’ll find some inspiration for some of the coolest skirts available this season. They’re pretty awesome, trust me on this one.


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Eye See You

It seems like Kenzo is the new Marant when it comes to making trends happen. First the tiger, now the eye (but never the eye of the tiger), let’s take a look at what Kenzo started this season.

 photo Sean-OPry-Kenzo-Fall-Winter-2013-Campaign-01.jpg

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