The Bag Edit

I thought about doing one of those “what’s in my bag?” posts then I realized it wouldn’t be that exciting. Why? (besides the fact that keys and lip balm probably don’t have you at the edge of your seat).

With bags getting smaller and smaller (remember,¬†size matters) I’ve learned to carry only the absolute necessities. So I thought I’d combine two posts in one (because there’s only so much I can talk about pressed powder and hand lotion) for the ultimate bag edit.

what's in my bag

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Proenza Schouler Is

I rarely post twice in a day but because I just watched this fantastic video that I couldn’t wait ’til tomorrow to share, it’s CCF x 2 today (and of course, it involves Proenza Schouler).

proenza schouler, le bon marche

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CFDA Award Predictions

When it comes to any sort of event where people can win or lose, there’s something about us as humans that just wants to predict the outcome. It can be anything from a competition reality show to the Oscars and even the Superbowl. But I think we’re leaving out a very important event that isn’t even happening for another three months, but considering the nominees were just announced I’m thinking a CFDA Fashion Award predictions post was in order…

 photo nyt.jpg

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What Why Where: Winter Romper

After three¬†WWW posts in summer gear (RIP) it’s back to boots and puffer coats for me…but I did happen to figure out a way to wear one of those warm weather pieces right now.

ryan storer, single earring

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What Why Where: Summer in Sydney

I’ve learned that Summer in Sydney means everyone goes gelato-crazy, the new Spring/Summer stuff is already on sale (yay!) and Birkenstocks are all the rage. So I thought I’d try to fit in (and don’t worry, I’ve already had gelato three times).

blogger style, australia

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