Activewear as Ready-To-Wear

Sometimes I’ll get dressed, look in the mirror and think to myself “where did this come from?” There’s certain things I’ve refused to wear in the past (with a few of the many listed here) but now I’m all about them. For example, I never thought I’d be wearing sneakers or sweatpants in public…then this happened. I’m not huge skirt person but then I ended up coming home with three after my Australia trip (here’s one of them). I don’t know how it happens but it just does. And now I can add activewear to this list of things-I-never-liked-but-now-I-wear-all-the-time. Yes, coming from the girl who openly despises exercises. Activewear.

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Throwback Thursday: The Last 4 Years

In just a few days, ChiCityFashion turns 4 (which is 28 in blog years) but because that day isn’t a Thursday and you can only throw it back on a Thursday (unless you flash it back on a Friday and unfortunately I can’t have a Throwback Thursday AND Flashback Friday feature on ChiCityFashion…conflict of interest, really) I thought today would be the perfect day to recap some of my favorite things that happened on CCF in the last four years.

Ready? Let’s do this.

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Half-Assed Halloween

With Halloween being exactly one week away, it’s about that time where people are frantic about what they’re going to dress up as, what parties they’re going to go to and most importantly, figuring out a way not to consume your body weight in candy. I’m personally not a big fan of Halloween (I do enjoy the chocolate, though) but the only way I can semi-enjoy it is to kind of dress up (meaning not put together a full on look but enough to avoid the “why aren’t you dressed up?” question) which brings me to today’s post.

I’ve always said that if I had a show on Food Network it would be called Half-Assed Meals With Jena (because if it involves more than 7 ingredients and takes more than 20 minutes I am not interested) and I participate in Halloween in a very half-assed way (last year, I wore a bat sweater)…so it’s only appropriate to title this one a Half-Assed Halloween (but of course…it’s fashion themed). One costume, three or less items to make it happen, let’s do it.

 photo bill_cunningham-1.png

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