Hair Full of Secrets

When it comes to a beauty routine (whether it be hair, face, body, etc.) I like to keep things as simple as possible. Of all regimens, though, I probably spend the least amount of time on my hair. There’s always just been a lot up there (a little less now that I’ve chop chopped) and it’s just too much to deal with. But I think I’ve finally figured out what products I need, which I don’t, and the right occasions to use them.

Are you ready for this?

hair whip, street style

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July Beauty Obsessions

I used to do beauty obsessions posts, then I kind of forgot about them/haven’t tried many new products that I’m absolutely in love with…but this month, that all changed. I tried a some new beauty products recently (covering the main categories: cosmetics, hair and skincare) that I love so much I couldn’t keep them to myself.

Here’s a look at my current beauty obsessions. Hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

PhotobucketLaura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder

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