New Shoes

It seems we can’t go a day in Chicago without mentioning something about the weather. We can talk about how it snowed this weekend (#bummer) and sometimes we get those amazing 50 degree days (for those West Coasters, 50 degrees is actually warm for us) and suddenly you see a funny mix of puffer coats and shorts that you’ll only find here in the Windy City.

But anyway…my least favorite part about our everlasting Winter is that I can only wear the same few pairs of shoes — snow boots, rain boots, flat boots (that could really use a cleaning right about now) and my sacrificial pair (explained here). Although there’s snow on the ground (once again) I’m staying optimistic here and hoping I can add some new shoes into the rotation pretty soon.

charlotte olympia flats

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CCF Loves

Besides being able to subscribe to Chi City Careers (finally!) there’s another small change recently made to ChiCityFashion. Do you know what it is? Come on. You got this. No? Nothing. Okay, fine.

May I introduce to you…

msgm mink sweatshirt

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To Invest Or Not To Invest

To Invest Or Not To Invest…that is the real question, and the answer is not as easy as one might think. Everyone says “splurge on black pumps a nice blazer, save on trendy items” but of course fashion likes to be difficult and you have to read between the lines. If we actually followed the typical investment rule, no one would be spending $700 on wedge sneakers (and yes I will continue to hate on this trend as long as I have to…and I will not apologize).

So what items should we put a decent amount of money towards? Think of me as your fashion financial advisor (except one who is really bad at math and happens to have expensive taste).

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-01at101839AM.png
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The Marant Trend

Isabel Marant is known for designing the “it” shoes. First it was the Dicker boot, then the Bekett sneakers and now we have a new trendy friend in town — the Carol sandal.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-23at91540AM.png

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Gladiator Sandals

After I decided to write this post, I’ve been listening to Common on repeat. Always a good way to get your weekend started.

But let’s talk about gladiator sandals, shall we?

 photo gladiatorsandals.jpg

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