New Shoes

It seems we can’t go a day in Chicago without mentioning something about the weather. We can talk about how it snowed this weekend (#bummer) and sometimes we get those amazing 50 degree days (for those West Coasters, 50 degrees is actually warm for us) and suddenly you see a funny mix of puffer coats and shorts that you’ll only find here in the Windy City.

But anyway…my least favorite part about our everlasting Winter is that I can only wear the same few pairs of shoes — snow boots, rain boots, flat boots (that could really use a cleaning right about now) and my sacrificial pair (explained here). Although there’s snow on the ground (once again) I’m staying optimistic here and hoping I can add some new shoes into the rotation pretty soon.

charlotte olympia flats

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How To Make Your Closet Happy

On a scale of 1-10, how happy would you say your closet is? If you have a pile of dry cleaning over 30 garments, shapeless boots and/or wire hangers, you can’t give an answer over 5. Although I don’t know your closet personally, I know an organized closet is a happy one (and also makes for a happier owner). I’m no professional organizer (my personal closet isn’t perfect) but there’s a few things I’ve learned in my quarter-of-a-century lifetime that I think deserves some sharing. Especially something I like to call the Uber of dry cleaning. Yes, this exists.

chicityfashion office

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Fancy Flats

Last year, I raved about the loafers that changed my life, this year was all about slip on sneakers¬†but regardless of which flat shoe you prefer…the question still remains, can you wear flats instead of heels for a more dressed up look?

Let’s find out.

 photo use-3.jpg

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No Laces? No Problem

You’ve heard me complain about sneaker wedges in about 80% of my posts that have been written since Marant decided they would be a thing, BUT that doesn’t mean I hate all sneakers. Converse¬†Chuck Taylors (a classic), Saint Laurent leather sneakers (a new classic) and now things seem to be moving in a different direction in the sneakerverse…a slip-on direction.

No laces? No problem.

 photo ScreenShot2013-07-10at82543AM.png

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Prabal Gurung Shoe Collaboration

So has Prabal just been killing it with accessories or what? Collaborating with designers like Nicholas Kirkwood for shoes, Linda Farrow for sunglasses and those kick-ass Zana Bayne harnesses…there’s no stopping PG in the accessories department. So, who is the next lucky collaborator for this season?


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