What Why Where: We All Live Here

A lot has changed since my last post — the election has definitely trumped (pun intended) the Cubs win, those 70 degree days are officially over and I still haven’t gotten used to the fact it’s dark at 4:30 BUT there’s a little something I find quite comforting…and it’s happening right here in Chicago.

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Spring Layers

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to layering, I typically keep it very practical (layering for the weather and not necessarily for looks). Every once in a while I’ll get a little creative — a bodysuit with a jumpsuit, two pairs of tights, and a sweater over a dress more than one time — but for the most part, I stick to a top and a jacket…if outerwear is necessary. Regardless of the reason for wearing more clothes, there’s a new(ish) trend that’s making me think twice about the idea of layering…FOR FUN.

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Sleepwear or Ready-To-Wear

It’s about that time again…the only time of year appropriate to gift an adult a stuffed animal or a box of chocolates so big, it’s actually unsafe for a single human to consume, and we can’t forget about that ridiculous color scheme of pink and red (which only Emma Stone can pull off) — yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ll be hitting up Bumble hard this weekend or you’ll being enjoying a quiet night with your man friend of many years (guilty), here’s something we can all enjoy (and not just on February 14).

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