The Sneaker Revolution

Not only have certain footwear styles made an appearance the last couple of years (re: sneaker wedges and slip-on sneakers…you know I’m only a fan of one) but even the classics are making a comeback (good to see you again, Mr. Chuck Taylor). I’m not sure if this whole sporty footwear thing is a trend or perhaps a revolution but what I do know is that…we need to talk about it, regardless.

fashion sneakers, street style

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Supermarket Chic

As fashion month comes to a close, there’s a lot to talk about — highlights from fashion weeks across the globe, new top models, Fall 2014 trends, Anna Wintour sitting second row at Valentino (insert gasp here) but these things are no longer important after the Chanel show happened.

chanel, supermarket, fall 2014

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What Won’t You Wear?

By this point in our lives, we have a pretty good idea of what we like and don’t like. Food, people, clothes…you’re never going to love everything/everyone and that’s okay. I despise pickles, not a fan of narcissism and I have a thing against strapless. See? It’s as simple as that.

So today, I thought it would be fun to play a little game called What Won’t You Wear? And by game I mean you just tell me in the comments the clothing / accessories you absolutely would not wear. Ready? Go.

animal print, street style

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Trends on Trends on Trends

How many trends does it take to get to the center of fashion hell? Let’s find out.

valentino bag, valentino rockstuds

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Jeans & Gym Shoes

Today’s post really hits close to home because I’m touching on a fashion combination that I’ve always despised (even says so on my about page) but with so many more denim and sneaker options out there today, my mind might be changed. I said might…

 photo use-6.jpg

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