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I write a lot about fashion here on CCF (fashion is in my name and it happens to be my game) but sometimes there’s some other relatable categories that strike my fancy and they’re not necessarily about the latest trend or red carpet event. And you know what? I want to talk about them! So if you’ve ever felt cool because that Instagram you posted got more likes than you anticipated, that’s a totally normal feeling…and you’re going to want to keep reading.

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Chi City Careers

After receiving countless resumes and requests for Chicago fashion jobs and realizing there’s no free resource for people to find them, I thought I’d so something about it. Today I’m very excited to announce the launch of Chi City Careers.

It’s time to get your job on…

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Glamour’s September Issue is Full on Fashion

Is it too early to start talking September issues? I say no. Especially when, for the first time in history, Glamour is devoting its entire September issue to fashion. Every single editorial page and the issue as a whole will be seen through a “fashion lens.”

Can’t wait til September? Follow @glamourmag on Twitter and Pinterest. They even dedicated an entire board to #makingsept. I always appreciate when brands are innovative with social media and this is a great way to hype up Glamour readers for the largest issue of the year.


How can you not love a big pile of fabulous shoes?


Picking out the Glamour do’s and don’ts for the September issue. And a shameless plug…my picture happened to be in the Glamour do’s section of the May 2012 issue!

Here’s their Full on Fashion promotional video to get you even more excited!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLpvdywbP2w]

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