Cold Shoulder

Between overalls, crop tops, and grunge there’s no doubt (pun intended) that 90s trends are in full force. Another one to add to the list? Let’s just say if you wear it now in Chicago you’ll definitely have a cold shoulder (or two).

off the shoulder, street style

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The Leather Jacket

Nothing says “closet staple” more than a leather jacket. They go with just about everything, one can instantly add an effortless and cool factor to any look and they can be worn as outerwear or as part of the outfit. You really can’t lose. So if you don’t currently have a leather jacket in your wardrobe or you’re looking to upgrade your current style, then you do not want to miss this…

best leather jackets for spring

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Spring’s Most Wanted

Ever curious to know what people are buying right this second? What makes something a trend or a best-seller? Well thanks to some inside info retailers shared with WWD, we already know what styles are the most popular this season. So, if you’re wondering what to buy for Spring then let’s get right to it.

what to wear for spring

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What Why Where: J. Crew-ing Chicago

If I can’t be Jenna Lyons, the next best thing is to just dress in head-to-toe J. Crew, right? So, that happened. And it looks a little something like this…

chicago fashion

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New Shoes

It seems we can’t go a day in Chicago without mentioning something about the weather. We can talk about how it snowed this weekend (#bummer) and sometimes we get those amazing 50 degree days (for those West Coasters, 50 degrees is actually warm for us) and suddenly you see a funny mix of puffer coats and shorts that you’ll only find here in the Windy City.

But anyway…my least favorite part about our everlasting Winter is that I can only wear the same few pairs of shoes — snow boots, rain boots, flat boots (that could really use a cleaning right about now) and my sacrificial pair (explained here). Although there’s snow on the ground (once again) I’m staying optimistic here and hoping I can add some new shoes into the rotation pretty soon.

charlotte olympia flats

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