Shirting, Dressing + Shirt Dressing

It’s a shirt…it’s a dress…it’s a trend-but-not-really-a-trend that’s taking over runways/streets worldwide — it’s the shirt dress.

shirt dress, street style

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Coachella Upgrades

This weekend, I will be venturing to Indio, California for the only reason I know to visit this part of Cali — Coachella. For my 25 years on Earth, I’ve been a Coachella virgin and as of this Friday that will all change. I’ll officially become a [well-traveled festival] woman (because my outdoor music experiences in the past have only occurred in the Chicago area) but one who will not be partaking in any of the following…

coachella fashion

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Sweatpants in Public

You know the rule — no sweatpants in public (unless you’re in college…then I guess you have four years to be the exception). But fashion doesn’t seem to follow the rules anymore. You can wear white after labor day, you can most definitely wear navy and black together and now you can wear sweatpants in public.

sweatpants, street style, christine centenera

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What Why Where: Have A Nice Day

Sometimes sweatshirts speak louder than words. And yes, I really do want you to have a nice day (regardless of my caught-in-the-moment confused look).

graphic sweatshirt, ashish

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Cream Of The Crop

Welcome back, cropped pants. It’s been a while (about 9 years I’d say?) Looks like every editor wants on you, regular people fear you but regardless, we’re going to talk about you.

street style trends, cropped pants

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